Home of the Unique and Delicious Frosty Pops

Home of the Unique and  Delicious Frosty Pops

Frosty Boy Drive-In opened in March of 1976, and we just celebrated our 40th year of business! We are also a proud sponsor of the New Palestine Athletic Department.

Did you know that Frosty Boy sells t-shirts? Ask us to order one for you today!

Did you also know our frosty pop is an exclusive item that is only available here? What makes it different? Pre-ordered homemade frosty pops are created with your specific ice cream taste in mind. Pick any standard or whip flavor and add any topping!

Stop by anytime to order your custom pop, and they will be ready for you the next day. It’s great for birthdays! Thanks to frosty pops custom design, it’s a no-mess treat.